Welcome to Hope Lutheran, Sunbury, Ohio, where you will find rest for your soul, strength for the day, and hope for the future through Jesus Christ.


New to lutheran christianity?

Or maybe you are rediscovering the teachings of the church.  Pastor Meyer would love to sit down with you and answer all of your questions, and maybe even answer some you haven't thought of.  So don't hesitant to contact him, whether you plan to attend Hope just a time or two, are possibly interested in becoming a member at Hope, or you are simply seeking knowledge to help you make an informed decision about where you should make your church home.

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our gift to you:  spirituality of the cross

Contact Hope or come visit us during worship service, Sunday School, or one of our events, and request a gift copy of Gene Edward Veith's Spirituality of the Cross.  This book is an easy and enjoyable read -- a favorite of many.  It simply and beautifully describes "The Way of the First Evangelicals," a theology that has deep impact on ordinary people, and is sustainable in a quickly changing and sometimes chaotic world.  

If you would like to learn, or be reminded, of what God has given to us for assurance of faith and peace with Him, that is, "rest for your soul, strength for the day, and hope for the future through Jesus Christ," you will find Biblical answers in Spirituality of the Cross, and also here at Hope Lutheran Church: each Sunday in the Divine Service, in our Sunday morning Bible studies, or whenever we come together around God's Word and to encourage one another as friends.  We hope you will join us sometime soon.

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Image Below:  Hope members ready to host the community Glow-In-the-Dark Easter Egg Hunt, March 2018