Participating in the Lord's Supper:  

the lord's supper​

 Communion Questions for Preparation:

 + Are you a baptized child of God?

 + Do you believe that you are a sinner by nature   

    and by choice?

 + Are you truly sorry for your sins?

 + Do you believe Jesus Christ is your Lord and  

    Savior from sin, who graciously forgives

    your sins?

 + Do you intend, by the power of the Holy Spirit,  

    to make the needed changes in your sinful life?

 + Do you believe that you receive the true body  

    and blood of Jesus, in, with, and under bread       

    and wine?     

 + Do you share in the confession of faith that is 

    held by this congregation?

You may also use the "Before Communing" and      "Thanksgiving After Receiving the Sacrament" prayers on the first page of the hymnal.

Holy Communion Divine Service Bulletin Instructions:

It is important to remember that 1 Corinthians 11:28 says a person should examine oneself before receiving the Sacrament.  We understand this to mean that:

(1) we have had instruction about the Lord’s Supper

(2) we trust our Lord’s promise that He feeds us with His body and blood under the forms of bread and wine

(3) we repent of any disloyalty to Christ and His Word or any unforgiving spirit toward our neighbor. 

May everyone who communes today truly prepare to receive the gifts of Christ for the strengthening of our faith.

If you have not been instructed concerning communion, or if you have questions about the body and blood of Jesus being present, we encourage you to speak with Pastor prior to communion.

Otherwise, if you would still like to come forward and receive a blessing, simply cross your arms across your chest and the pastor will speak a blessing for you. Children are also welcome to come forward with their parents to receive a blessing.

During Communion the individual cup is offered and then the common cup. Choose whichever is your preference.  The cups in the middle of individual trays are a non-alcohol alternative.