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“There is an ever-growing number of LCMS college students and young adults joining the Peace Corps and AmeriCorps. They say, ‘We would do it with the church, but there is nothing for us to do.’ ” 

— Rev. J. Bart Day, executive director of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Office of National Mission

Lutheran Young Adult Corps is scheduled to launch its first three-month and 10-month cohorts of young adult in summer 2017.

With an emphasis on works of mercy and a desire to engage young adults in the LCMS, Lutheran Young Adult Corps provides long-term service opportunities for young adults out of high school, throughout their college career or before full-time work, especially for young people who have not yet settled on a vocation.

In the first year, several locations will be open with four to eight young adults in each. Participants will live a simple life together with the support of a local site coordinator and participate in full time domestic service opportunities, primarily urban and inner-city work.

The city coordinator will serve to orient participants to the community, provide physical and spiritual care and support throughout their time of service. Participants will also be connected to a local congregation where they will participate in Word and Sacrament and connect with supportive church members.

Lutheran Young Adult Corps is unique from most other long-term service organizations. It is exclusively for Lutheran young adults and provides training in Lutheran theology, connects them to local Lutheran congregations and emphasizes vocational life.

Focus is given to expanding young adults’ worldview and spiritual development. Young Adult Corps gives participants a chance to witness to their faith through acts of mercy, making a difference in the lives of the people they serve.

The application process is set to begin in October 2016.

More information on these components of the program will soon be available:

Site(s) location
Financial requirements and offerings
Benefits for Lutheran Young Adult Corps members
Opportunities for offering educational credit or other incentives

Please email LCMS Youth Ministry (

for more information, including email updates in the 2017 service year.  LEARN MORE >>


As youth venture out of the home to college, the Higher Things® campus net- work helps to continue to serve them by providing faithful resources for campus pastors and others involved in ministering to college students.

The Christ on Campus® program is the campus ministry arm of Higher Things, seeking to help network, and provide resources for those who seek to “Dare to Be Lutheran” at college.  Find a chapter near you >>

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Ohio State LCMS U at Zion Lutheran, Columbus, Ohio
God at Work by Gene Eward Veith, an excerpt

Care packages

We recognize that being a Christian during the post-high school years can be especially challenging. We are providing "newly independent" young adults -- college students and those who are already starting on their vocational path, with care packages

filled with personal essentials, fun little gifts, and information about campus ministries and

local LCMS churches in the areas where our young men and women are living.

Do you know someone who would benefit from this ministry? Please send a request through our contact page and we will send them some love and encouragement!  Click Here >>

Young Adults Small Group Bible Study

Pastor Meyer is leading a study for college-aged young adults, meeting every other Saturday in different homes.  For more information, contact us >>


   The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod’s Campus Ministry works through

   LCMS U, an initiative to connect and support Lutheran students as they head

   off to college and face countless challenges to their biblical worldview,

   doctrine, ethics and practices. Learn more about LCMS Campus Ministry >>

   To connect with the Ohio State chapter of LCMS U,click here >>