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Reverend Paul Schlueter is the pastor

of St. Paul's Lutheran  Church, LCMS, in

Milford Center, OH. Pastor Schlueter has

written on Christian faith & culture for

The Federalist, ​read here >>  

You can follow him on Facebook here >>​​

THE THREE ESTATES:  (for intro to the topic, click here >>

A Reformation doctrine that has practical implications for Christians today.

This topic is very timely as Hope has begun studying the Christian worldview from a Reformed Christian perspective; as we dig into The Truth Project's teaching on Sphere Sovereignty, it will be interesting to discover the similarities and differences between this teaching and Luther's teaching of The Three Estates, presented by Rev. Schlueter.

A quote from Lutheran theologian, Oswald Bayer:

By Luther’s doctrine of the three orders we mean the way in which he interprets theologically and ethically the biblical narratives about primordial times in their aspects of creation, sin, and social organization, and how he applies his interpretation to his contemporary situation. The doctrine of the three orders was of fundamental significance for Luther, who said that “these divine stations continue and remain throughout all kingdoms, as wide as the world and to the end of the world.” He could therefore make it the first principle of scriptural exegesis.

Luther, “First, the Bible speaks and teaches about the works of God. About this there is no doubt. These works are divided into three hierarchies:the household [oeconomiam], the government [politiam], and the church [ecclesiam]. If a verse does not fit the church, we should let it stay in the government or the household, whichever it is best suited to.


8:30 to 9:30 AM 

  • on site registration and/or check-in, and a light breakfast 

9:30 AM

  • Matins Service, followed by first half of presentation

Lunch Break

  • meal provided, followed by second half of presentation

2:15 PM

  • presentation ends

2:15 - 2:30 PM

  • Q & A session with Pastor Schlueter


$10.00, includes light breakfast, full lunch

NO CHARGE for College and Seminary students

Registration is available at the door; pre- Sept. 30th registration is helpful for conference planners


Hosted by:

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, LCMS
766 South High Street, Columbus, OH

The 11th annual  

Lutheran confessions conference

8:30 AM - 2:30 PM


The Three Estates:

Finding Order in a Disorderly World

with Rev. Paul Schlueter


Register online: - Confessions Conf. 2019>>

         Register by phone:  614-444-3456 (Zion's church office) 

         *Registering before Sept. 30 helps with meal planning