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living hope Senior-youth group (7th-12 graders)

SEVENTH - TWELFTH GRADE STUDENTS AND THEIR FRIENDS meet every other Sunday evening from 6:30-8:30pm for Living Hope Senior-Youth Group. Most nights consist of about an hour of different games and activities, and an hour of Bible study and discussion.

In addition to youth group, the senior-youth will have fellowship events, retreats, lock-ins, mission trips, servant events, and several small group meetings. We also have guys and girls groups that meet at various times throughout the month. We are an enthusiastic, fun, compassionate youth group that focuses on growing together: in our friendship, in our understanding of Scripture, and in our faith in Jesus Christ our Savior.  

Living Hope sr-youth schedule

5/14/2017    Happy Mother’s Day (No Youth Group)

Summer Sunday Afternoon Lunches 12:30-2:30pm 

6/11/2017      Briner’s House for Lunch & Youth Group
6/25/2017      Hurst’s House for Lunch & Youth Group
6/28/2017      Wednesday Youth Group Trip to Hocking Hills 
7/2/2017      Happy 4th of July (No Youth Group)
7/9/2017      Bauknecht House for Lunch & Youth Group
7/15-21/17      Servant Trip for 6th-12th Grades    
7/23/2017      To Be Determined
8/6/2017      Meyer’s House for Lunch & Youth Group
8/20/2017      Ryan’s House for Lunch & Youth Group

Contact: kweichhorn6@gmail.com for the schedule, or text 630-642-0290 

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​456 Junior-Youth group (1st-6th graders)

FIRST - SIXTH GRADE CHILDREN AND THEIR FRIENDS are welcome to attend our 456 Junior-Youth Group meetings, held on one Friday each month, ​from 5:30-8:30pm.

In addition to youth group meetings, the 456 youth group will have fellowship events, retreats, servant events, and several small group meetings.   We are an enthusiastic, fun, compassionate youth group that focuses on growing together: in our friendship, in our understanding of Scripture, and in our faith in Jesus Christ our Savior. 


Friday Nights 5:30-8:30pm (*Unless Otherwise Noted)

5/26/2017    Servant Event at Ronald McDonald House
We have reserved a spot for 10 people or 2 families to bake and serve

cookies at the Ronald McDonald House. If you would like to be one of

the 3 families to help, please contact Kevin Eichhorn. 
7/28/2017    456 Event at “Fun in the Jungle” Sunbury
8/27/2017    456 Pool Party 

456 juniors typical night

​​5:00-5:30 PM DROP-OFF
We will always have someone there early setting up, so feel free to drop-off early if needed. 
Crafts, Contests, Build-a-Snack, science experiments and more. These are connected to the lesson for the night. 
In a large space we will all play a game together to get the night kicked off. These are high energy and get the kids excited to be there. 
We would like some help with this area from the parents this year. If you could provide a meal, snack, drink or side dish, please work with Kevin to be added to the schedule. 
We know that the age range is large: the younger kids might be intimidated and the older kids might be “too cool”, so we will 
separate 1st-3rd graders and 4th-6th graders into two groups.
We will engage the group with a hands-on service project, craft or something that they can get their hands on. 
At the end of a long night, we want to capture what we learned throughout the evening and we want to settle down (well we will try at least). 
The night is over and we are all cleaned up. Make sure to ask your children about the memory verse, what the bible study was about and how they can apply it to their lives. 

Email: kweichhorn6@gmail.com for the schedule.
Check out our blog with pictures and past events! livinghopeyouthgroup.blogspot.com​

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hope evangelical lutheran church, lcms, 

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