Heather Ruesch is an advocate for every human life. ​Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and socially- we are intricately created and intricately attacked by the one who seeks to steal, kill, and destroy us. As a previous teen facing an unplanned pregnancy, Crisis Pregnancy Center Executive Director, Educator, and Pastor's wife, she brings wit, wisdom, and relationship into every situation with the tremendous love of Christ as the filter by which we see one another. 

Heather is a sought after speaker for youth events, women's ministry events, and everything PRO-PEOPLE! You matter. Your life matters. At every age, at every stage. You are never too far from the One who made you to live life loud in this world.  She blogs at
At the Sycamore Tree >>​, and posts on her Youtube channel here >>


We are in a battle! If you are a parent, a grandparent, youth leader, teacher, or pastor, you are well aware of the battle being waged against this generation. Let us arm ourselves with knowledge, train ourselves with good teaching, gird our loins with truth, and take up our swords and FIGHT. 

Fight to change the skin-deep culture surrounding our youth and replace it with the deep, deep love and protection of Jesus Christ.

Our 50-minute, faith-based program can and should be taught to every age demographic. We believe that when teaching radiates out from, and constantly  comes back to, God's value of every human life, the other challenges we face fall into their proper place in our daily lives. Hope is restored over and over again. 

Speaker & Author, Heather Ruesch, uses humor and audience participation to open student's eyes to their irrevocable value to their Creator. Knowing this (or not) is at the core of every other issue on the table. And it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD. 

​We hope you'll join us in the You Matter Movement to change the culture! 

The You Matter Tour is sponsored by Enlighten Com-munications and International Sexual Risk Avoidance Educator, Pam Stentzel. National leaders in providing education that empowers adolescents to create a new, healthy perspective of at-risk behavior. We provide healthy programs and perspectives regarding teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, while promoting a clear message of abstinence until marriage.

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