on stage performance by fellowship for  performing arts

​        Lucifer, Hitler, Freud, M.L. King Jr., Pope Francis and Katie Von Bora  in a courtroom drama for the ages!

        A trial in the afterlife, and the prosecutor…is the Devil. In the new original play Martin Luther on Trial, Luther’s beloved wife Katarina

       defends him as witnesses including Adolf Hitler, Sigmund Freud, Rabbi Josel, St. Paul, Martin Luther King, Jr. & Pope Francis take the stand.

       Even as 2017 marks 500 years since Luther ignited the Protestant Revolt against Rome, he continues to spark intense debate. You be the

       judge in this witty, provocative exploration of one of history’s most explosive personalities and the religious and political controversies he  
​                                                                                     WATCH VIDEO TRAILER HERE >>

                                                                         Run time: 2 hours and 10 minutes; 15 min intermission.
                                                               (Recommended for ages 13 and older. Children under age 4 not admitted.)

  CLEVELAND:  SEPTEMBER 29-30 >>           CINCINNATI:  OCTOBER 6-8 >>                                                                                  

Group trip from hope forming now !

Hope's group will be attending the Friday, October 6th, 8:00pm show  at the Arnoff Center for the Arts in downtown Cincinnati.

If you are interested in attending, please let us know by: 

  • Filling out the form below, or the sign-up sheet on the church bulletin board
    • include your name and # of tickets you're interested in purchasing
    • indicate whether or not you would like to carpool to the event.

We hope to have the tickets purchased by Monday, August 28th, so please plan to have your ticket payment handed into the church by Sunday, August 27th.  Thank you!

Hope has enjoyed other performances by FPA:  C.S. Lewis's  Screwtape Letters, and The Great Divorce (Learn more about FPA, click here >>)

We expect Martin Luther on Trial will be another fun and thought provoking event, and a great way to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.  We hope you will join us, and bring your friends!

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